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Strategic Branding & Market Positioning

Without a plan, you’re just taking stabs in the marketing darkness. Chasing down the latest marketing flavor of the month and hoping for success. Trying a little social media here, taking out an ad over there, and sponsoring an event next month because you’re helping out a friend.

Marketing without a thoughtful strategy behind it is like the game of chess without a plan of attack. You can make a lot of moves, but chances are, they will not end well. Strategic branding and market positioning are the results of the hard work that comes first, before any marketing tactics are put in play. This is how organizations can avoid another year of what we call “random acts of marketing,” those marketing stabs in the dark that will use up your time and budget, but which won’t bring you any closer to your business goals.

According to no less an authority than Peter Georgescu, the former Chairman and CEO of Young & Rubicam, “In the new economic world order dominated by excess supply and a powerful drive toward commoditization, the future product and service winners will be the stronger brands.”  But it’s important to recognize that strategic branding is not just something for Fortune 500 companies to focus on; it’s essential for every organization that’s looking for more clients and customers.

If your goals include such things as increased visibility for your firm, more new clients coming through the door and higher revenues next year than this year, you need to have a marketing plan, and one that’s grounded in who you are, what you offer, and how that’s different from what’s being offered by your ten closest competitors. You need to ask yourself, “What’s your Unique Selling Proposition?” Or, if you’re an attorney, “What’s your Unique Lawyering Proposition?”

If you’re looking for an increased presence in the marketplace with more of the kind of clients you really want, contact NCG Strategic Marketing, and ask us how we can help you with your strategic branding and market positioning.