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When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, many thought it was just a toy. Serious business people were convinced that it had no serious business applications – and that people would soon tire of it. Does that sound kind of familiar?

Interestingly, just two years after Western Union refused to spend $100,000 to buy the patent for the telephone, the president of the telegraph company admitted that if he could buy it then for $25 million, it would be a bargain. At that point, it was no longer for sale.

We’re at a similar point regarding social media: It’s proven its value for people and business, it’s not going away, and those who refuse to embrace it will soon be viewed as relics from another time. Which for most of us is not good for the brand.

So, what does “embracing” social media mean? Does it mean that you have to tweet what you had for lunch or post pictures of kittens on Facebook? Hardly. It means that you take a strategic approach to social media – just as you do with all your other marketing tactics – and you figure out your social media goals, what platforms might be right for you and your firm, and how you will use these social media platforms on an ongoing basis. Will it be LinkedIn or Twitter, Facebook or Google+, all the above, or something else? As lawyers love to say, it depends.

NCG can help you with all of this, along with managing the social media accounts you decide upon. Let’s continue the conversation offline.