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You’re an attorney, and you work in a small or midsize firm. Maybe you’re just starting up your own practice, or maybe fewer clients have been coming through the door recently.

Whatever your situation, you’re thinking that the legal marketplace today may demand more from you than just being a great attorney. And that’s an accurate assessment of the new legal environment: You can no longer assume that you’ll always have a successful practice just because you’re smart and hard-working and you provide your clients with excellent legal counsel.

All these things provide a necessary foundation for a successful practice, of course, but they’re no longer sufficient to get you there – or keep you there. There’s too much competition – and your competitors are getting their names out there and they’re bringing in business that could have been yours.

So, you need to look into how you’re marketing yourself and your law firm.

  • What have you done in the past?
  • What are you doing now?
  • What should you be doing?

If you’re willing to share the answers to the first two questions, NCG Strategic Marketing can help you figure out the answers to the third one.