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Accountants & Other Professionals: How’s Business?

A successful, sustainable and growing business does not rely on word-of-mouth.

Certainly, referrals are the absolutely best way to get new customers and clients. But for various reasons, referral sources can dry up – and often do. It hurts, but your referral sources can start liking your competitors more than they like you. They also can move to another state, go out of business or change careers. And market forces can change, leaving you feeling as if you’re still selling buggy whips in an age when the only horses to be found are old Ford Mustangs.

So, as the sales and networking guru Harvey Mackay says, you must dig your well before you’re thirsty.

It’s tough out there. And it won’t be getting any less competitive anytime soon. Which is why – regardless of whether you’ve had a successful professional services firm for decades or you’re just getting your business off the ground – you might need to focus more of your attention on marketing than you were expecting. And that’s okay. In fact, when done properly, it’s smart business.

Successful companies know that smart marketing means much more than just advertising and promotion. It involves analyzing your company’s brand, position in the marketplace, clients, competitors and market forces, and taking this information to develop a strategic plan for seizing opportunities going forward.

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