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What is Strategic Marketing?

Strategic Marketing is Not Marketing-as-Usual.

You know you need to market your business. But do you have a plan? Not that just any plan will do. A strategic plan is the result of experience, foresight, critical analysis, client-specific recommendations and thoughtful discussion.

Without a strategic plan, you’re just taking stabs in the marketing darkness. Chasing down the latest marketing flavor of the month and hoping for success. Trying a little social media over here, taking out an ad over there, and sponsoring an event next month because you’re helping out an old friend.

But you know that’s not the right way to market your firm. Strategic marketing is so much more than just advertising and promotion – and it’s definitely not random. You need to start by answering some tough questions: Who are you? What’s your brand? What’s your competitive advantage? What would your customers say about your firm and its services? What would your competitors say? Do all these answers align?

Only then can you focus on what you’re doing to communicate to others what makes you special. And what is your message? Are you reaching the right audience? Do you know how to find them?

Finally, what’s around the next corner that will affect your business? What do the next two, five and ten years look like for your practice area or industry? How should that be changing your business strategy – and your marketing strategy?

These questions – and many more – are the starting point to figuring out where you are, where you need to go and how you can get there. That’s why you need strategic marketing.

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