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About Us

NCG Strategic Marketing was founded in 2009 with the mission of helping small and midsize law firms with their many marketing, business development and public relations needs. The dramatic changes just starting to shake the legal profession in 2008-09 convinced NCG’s founder that the future would bring significantly increased competition in the law, which would drive an ever-increasing need for lawyers and law firms to be able to differentiate themselves from their peers.

At NCG, we believe that while entrepreneurship may not be for everyone, having an entrepreneurial mindset is essential to sustainable success in this uncertain and challenging economy. And even those attorneys who draw a salary need to be continually focused on building their personal brand, both online and off.

Ultimately, at NCG, we never lose sight of one thing: Marketing is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. And one of the most important goals for entrepreneurial attorneys is increasing their firm’s revenues. We  work closely with our clients to develop – and execute – a marketing plan that will do just that.

The founder and managing director of NCG is Phil Nugent, who has over a decade of experience in strategic marketing, branding, online marketing, social media, search engine optimization, copywriting and public relations. Phil has surrounded himself with an exceptionally talented team of professionals, including multiple experts in the areas listed above, in order to fulfill our promise of being our clients’ full-service marketing agency.

We also promise that you’ll have a single point of contact at NCG to provide guidance and strategy throughout our work together. This individual will ensure that your interests are always top of mind, that your questions are always answered, and that you’ll always have an experienced guide to help you find your way through the marketing jungle.