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The Importance of Elevator Pitches: Five Tips to Crafting a Personal Pitch That’s Natural, Meaningful and Memorable

Elevator - Going Up

I recently came across an interesting blog post about how to put together a good elevator pitch in a limited time. “The 15-Minute Method to Writing an Unforgettable Elevator Speech” by Kathryn Minshew is a good read. In fact, it’s just as important for those who believe that they have had the perfect elevator pitch for years – and for those who believe they don’t need one – as it is for those who recognize that their elevator pitch could use some significant improvement.

To the first group – those who feel they already have a solid elevator pitch because they’ve used it since the Reagan administration, I’d suggest that this would be a good time to see how your pitch has weathered the years. My guess is that over the last couple decades, your industry, your services and/or your clients and customers have probably changed. Your pitch needs to reflect those changes. What are your clients most interested in today?

To the second group, those who don’t believe that they need an elevator pitch, I’d suggest that most of those who claim not to have an elevator pitch actually do have one, they just don’t call it that. But when asked what they do for a living, this group likely utters the same well-worn phrases time and time again. But are they the right phrases? For this group, also, a look at how to craft a compelling elevator pitch would be time well spent.

Finally, to the third group, those who recognize that their elevator pitch could use some help, you also have come to the right place.