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Culture vs. Strategy is a Contrived Debate: Why Your Business Needs Both an Empowering Culture and a Thoughtful Strategy for Long-Term Success

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” That’s been a popular saying in Silicon Valley for some time, and it has a certain mystique because it’s attributed to the legendary business guru Peter Drucker. But exactly what does it mean, and could it be true? Could strategy be overrated? And how can culture possibly be so important?

What is strategy?

Before we get further into this discussion, it might be useful to define our terms. As a starting point, Wikipedia informs us that strategy “generally involves setting goals, determining actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources to execute the actions.” That sounds pretty good, but to further flesh out what strategy is, Ken Favaro, writing in strategy + business, adds this: “Strategy is different from vision, mission, goals, priorities, and plans. It is the result of choices executives make, on where to play and how to win, to maximize long-term value.”

I think that definition is brilliant, but in an effort to ground it a bit, I would add that strategy involves a high-level analysis of the current situation and how it’s expected to change, so that an individual or organization can make the best decisions about how to go forward to achieve specific goals, meet current and future challenges, and leverage present and expected opportunities.

NCG Strategic Marketing Sponsors 2015 New Year’s Day Polar Plunge in Boulder

Was the Ice Bucket Challenge not quite icy enough for you?

Are you ready to get really cold – and have some fun – for another great cause?


NCG Strategic Marketing is pleased to announce that it’s one of the sponsors of the 2015 Boulder Polar Plunge, taking place on January 1st at the Boulder Reservoir.

This is a really fun event, and it helps raise funds and awareness for the Boulder County AIDS Project, a dedicated and hard-working nonprofit that works to improve the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS, minimize HIV transmission, and bring an end to HIV-related stigma in the greater Boulder, Colorado community.

You can find out more and register by going to BCAP’s Polar Plunge page. And if you’d like to support the cause, but don’t want to pretend that you’re a polar bear, you can donate – and stay toasty warm – as an official Scaredy Bear.

Either way, it’s a great cause. We hope to see you on January 1st, either in person as a thrill-seeking Polar Bear, or in spirit as a warmth-loving Scaredy Bear.