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Lawyers: Looking to Leverage LinkedIn? “LinkedIn Strategies for Lawyers” Webinar Presented by Phil Nugent on Sept. 24th

LinkedInPhil Nugent and the Clear Law Institute will present a live webinar, “LinkedIn Strategies for Lawyers,” on Wednesday, September 24, 2014.

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful business development tool for lawyers and other professionals, but far too often it’s not fully understood, leading to it being undervalued and underutilized. In this webinar, Phil will provide a detailed understanding of why LinkedIn is so valuable for attorneys, and how they can use it in the most efficient and productive way possible.

Special attention will be paid to issues of critical interest to lawyers, including recommended account settings, privacy controls and ethical concerns.

Specific topics in this 75-minute presentation will include the following:

  • Why LinkedIn is essential for attorneys’ business development activities
  • How to create a complete—and compelling—LinkedIn profile
  • Why certain keywords are critical to getting found on LinkedIn
  • How to set customized privacy settings for your account
  • How to leverage LinkedIn as a competitive research tool
  • How to use LinkedIn in a proactive, yet professional, manner
  • How to stay clear of ethical landmines when using LinkedIn