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Does Anyone Know You’re Out There? Why Search Engine Optimization is Critically Important for Your Law Firm’s Website

Far too often I come across yet another law firm website that obviously took lots of time and money to design and develop, but which, for one or more reasons, was never graced with search engine optimization (SEO). Whenever I see one of these SEO-challenged websites, I always feel bad for those who paid good money for it because they likely have no idea why it doesn’t seem to be bringing in any new business. And I typically can guess why one of these websites lacks SEO: The business didn’t understand its value, and neither did the web designer brought on to build the site. Ultimately, neither the law firm nor the web designer raised the issue, and SEO never had a chance.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization for Law FirmsWhich is a shame, because I see each of these non-SEO’d websites as a virtual cry for help, with each one loudly proclaiming that as good looking as it may be, it’s actually been a huge waste of time and money. Now I’ll admit that these websites may not have been a total waste of money; sure enough, as promised, they’re right there on the web whenever the law firm’s attorneys provide the web address to someone they’ve already met. And the firm’s current clients can visit the site and appreciate the web design or the Unique Lawyering Proposition of the law firm with which they’re already doing business.