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What’s Strategic Marketing?

Without a plan, you're just taking stabs in the marketing darkness. Chasing down the latest marketing flavor of the month and hoping for success. Trying a little social media here, taking out an ad over there, and sponsoring an event next month because you're helping out a friend. Read More

Is Marketing Necessary?

It's no longer sufficient that you're great at what you do. You also need to bring in new business, and your excellent work for your clients doesn't guarantee ongoing referrals. Yes, marketing is necessary today. But that doesn't mean it can't be professional, ethical, and real. Just like you.

Can We Help You?

NCG Strategic Marketing develops and executes online marketing and business development programs for accountants, attorneys, and other professionals. Our marketing solutions are always customized, depending on what makes sense for each client and their business. Read More

Is your business ready to tackle today's marketing challenges?

NCG’s Approach to Marketing Professional Services Firms

NCG Strategic Marketing helps small and midsize accounting firms and law firms improve their marketing and business development initiatives. The many challenges presented by today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, and by the unprecedented number of available – and confusing – marketing options, demand a strategic approach to marketing by professional services firms.

At NCG, we work with our clients in one of two ways: For some clients, we provide overall marketing guidance, strategic branding (or rebranding) expertise, and marketing plan development. The strategic marketing work for these clients begins with in-depth discussions and research to discover the firm’s most compelling brand and its optimal market positioning. We then put together a prioritized marketing plan that focuses on placing the firm and its strategic messaging in front of its target market.

For other clients, we offer à la carte, tactical execution of specific marketing priorities. These projects can range from website design and search engine optimization (SEO), to social media training and management, to public relations work and business development coaching.

NCG Strategic Marketing: Our Story

NCG was founded in 2009 by a non-practicing attorney who had found a home in marketing and technology. Phil Nugent's mission was to help small and midsize law firms with their many marketing, business development and public relations needs. The dramatic changes just starting to shake the legal profession in 2008-09 convinced Phil that the future would bring significantly increased competition in the law, which would drive an ever-increasing need for lawyers and law firms to be able to differentiate themselves from their peers.

Over the last few years, NCG has expanded its scope to include providing marketing services for CPAs and accounting firms. We believe that while entrepreneurship may not be for everyone, having an entrepreneurial mindset is essential to sustainable success in this changing and challenging economy. And even those professionals who draw a salary need to be continually focused on building their personal brand, both online and off.

Ultimately, at NCG, we never lose sight of one thing: Marketing is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. And one of the most important goals for entrepreneurial professionals is increasing their firm’s revenues. We work closely with our clients to develop – and execute – a marketing plan that will do just that.

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