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Internet Marketing

Improving and Expanding Your Internet Presence

NCG Strategic Marketing works with law firms to improve upon and expand their online presence. Google has been the “new” Yellow Pages for several years now, and firms that ignore this new reality are finding that there’s a price to pay for their inaction.

Our first step is helping a law firm structure an online strategy that ties in with its business objectives, clients and resources. Only after that essential work has been completed do we look to the tactical execution of a firm’s online marketing plan.

Think of your company’s website as the hub of your online and offline presence, with all other activity and interaction leading back to it – and integrating with it. In case your website needs an extreme makeover, NCG’s team of excellent web designers and developers can bring it out of the 1990s and make you proud once again to send prospects and clients there.

And because a beautifully designed website can be compelling only to those visitors who can actually find it, Search Engine Optimization is nearly as important as the actual content on your site. It’s an old web axiom that Content is King. If that’s the case, then SEO must be the Queen. Those businesses that ignore this important rule find that the only people who come to their website are those who already knew about their business.

The social media toolbox consists of a variety of tools – which can include blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube – all of which have been revolutionizing the world of marketing and communications. NCG will work with you to determine whether any of these social platforms might help you connect with prospective clients.

See NCG’s blog, Marketing the Law, for more thoughts on how strategic online marketing can help your law firm improve your online presence – and your bottom line.