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Are You an Entrepreneurial Professional?

NCG Strategic Marketing specializes in working with entrepreneurial lawyers, accountants and other professionals who understand that entrepreneurial thinking is a good thing – whether you were employee number one, number 100 or number 1,000.

Given the competitive realities of the professional marketplace of today, we believe that more lawyers, accountants, architects and other professionals would benefit from thinking of themselves as entrepreneurs.

As Marshall Goldsmith is fond of pointing out, what got you here won’t get you there.  Yes, you’re a professional and not a used car dealer, but your profession unquestionably has become a business. And today’s savviest professionals are the most entrepreneurial ones.

What does that mean? It means that they are as focused on doing the right things to build a successful and sustainable business as they are intent on doing the best work for their clients. It means that they’re not just working in their business, they’re working on their business. It means they understand that marketing is not a four-letter word, and that successful business development takes more than just being excellent at what they do.

Entrepreneurial professionals can be found in any size firm, but NCG Strategic Marketing focuses on helping those in small to midsize firms who understand they’re operating in a new environment, but who are uncertain how to move forward. Yes, legal marketing in the 21st century can seem like uncharted and uncertain territory, but with NCG you’ve found a guide to help you set priorities and blaze a successful trail through the ever-changing marketing wilderness.

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