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Phil Nugent to Speak on LinkedIn for Accountants at Association for Accounting Marketing’s Summit

LinkedIn can be a powerful business development tool for all professionals, and accountants are certainly no exception. But just having a profile on LinkedIn doesn’t bring any more benefits than simply having a gym membership; each one is merely a means to an end that must be used properly – and regularly – if someone really wants to see results.

With that idea as his starting point, NCG Strategic Marketing’s Phil Nugent will present “LinkedIn for Accountants: Strategies and Tactics for Business Development Success” on June 10, 2015, at the Association for Accounting Marketing’s 2015 Summit in Orlando, Florida.

LinkedIn logoIn his 75-minute presentation, Phil will first discuss why LinkedIn is an essential tool for every accountant who is interested in business development. He then will describe in detail how to set up a complete and compelling profile, how to best manage one’s account and privacy settings, and how to use LinkedIn in a proactive and consistent manner to connect with potential clients and referral partners.

Phil has discovered that many professionals don’t fully understand LinkedIn’s true value, and instead see it either as simply an online Rolodex or a digital resume bank, instead of as what it is – an unprecedented and quickly growing online database bursting with incredibly detailed information about more than 365 million businesspeople and professionals (at last count). For every CPA who’s interested in business development, LinkedIn has become an essential tool that can help them figure out not only whom they should talk to, but how to connect with them.

NCG Strategic Marketing Sponsors 2015 New Year’s Day Polar Plunge in Boulder

Was the Ice Bucket Challenge not quite icy enough for you?

Are you ready to get really cold – and have some fun – for another great cause?


NCG Strategic Marketing is pleased to announce that it’s one of the sponsors of the 2015 Boulder Polar Plunge, taking place on January 1st at the Boulder Reservoir.

This is a really fun event, and it helps raise funds and awareness for the Boulder County AIDS Project, a dedicated and hard-working nonprofit that works to improve the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS, minimize HIV transmission, and bring an end to HIV-related stigma in the greater Boulder, Colorado community.

You can find out more and register by going to BCAP’s Polar Plunge page. And if you’d like to support the cause, but don’t want to pretend that you’re a polar bear, you can donate – and stay toasty warm – as an official Scaredy Bear.

Either way, it’s a great cause. We hope to see you on January 1st, either in person as a thrill-seeking Polar Bear, or in spirit as a warmth-loving Scaredy Bear.


Lawyers: Looking to Leverage LinkedIn? “LinkedIn Strategies for Lawyers” Webinar Presented by Phil Nugent on Sept. 24th

LinkedInPhil Nugent and the Clear Law Institute will present a live webinar, “LinkedIn Strategies for Lawyers,” on Wednesday, September 24, 2014.

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful business development tool for lawyers and other professionals, but far too often it’s not fully understood, leading to it being undervalued and underutilized. In this webinar, Phil will provide a detailed understanding of why LinkedIn is so valuable for attorneys, and how they can use it in the most efficient and productive way possible.

Special attention will be paid to issues of critical interest to lawyers, including recommended account settings, privacy controls and ethical concerns.

Specific topics in this 75-minute presentation will include the following:

  • Why LinkedIn is essential for attorneys’ business development activities
  • How to create a complete—and compelling—LinkedIn profile
  • Why certain keywords are critical to getting found on LinkedIn
  • How to set customized privacy settings for your account
  • How to leverage LinkedIn as a competitive research tool
  • How to use LinkedIn in a proactive, yet professional, manner
  • How to stay clear of ethical landmines when using LinkedIn

Phil Nugent to Present Webinar on “LinkedIn Strategies for Lawyers”

On Thursday, June 26, 2014, in conjunction with Lorman Education Services, Phil Nugent of NCG Strategic Marketing will present a live webinar entitled, “LinkedIn Strategies for Lawyers.”

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful business development tool for all professionals and businesspeople, but it is all too often undervalued and underutilized, especially by lawyers. In this webinar, Phil will provide a detailed understanding of why LinkedIn is so valuable, and how lawyers can use it in the most efficient and productive way possible.

Special attention will be paid to issues of critical interest to attorneys, including recommended personal settings, privacy controls and ethics concerns.

Specific topics in this 90-minute presentation will include the following:

  • Common Misconceptions About LinkedIn
  • The Reality of LinkedIn
  • Top Reasons Why Lawyers Should Embrace LinkedIn
  • The Most Commonly Debated LinkedIn Issue
  • Getting Started: Settings, Privacy Controls and Paid Options
  • Best Practices for Completing Your Profile
  • Growing and Managing Your Connections
  • Leveraging LinkedIn’s Database
  • Skills, Endorsements, Lawyers, and Ethics

Phil Nugent Speaks to Colorado Bar Association About Online Marketing for Solo Practitioners and Small Law Firms; Discusses Legal Marketing Priorities

Phil Nugent speaks at Colorado Bar Association on Online Marketing for Solo Practitioners & Small Law Firms

Phil Nugent speaks about online marketing at the Colorado Bar Association in Denver

There are endless challenges facing solo practitioners and small law firms in their quest to build thriving practices in these competitive times. Among the time-consuming and sometimes confusing challenges of running a business are those presented by the special demands of marketing and business development.

Even as the ever-increasing competition in the law demands that attorneys pay more attention to their marketing, many lawyers don’t know where to start. This may cause them to strike off in a particular direction without knowing whether that’s where they really should be spending their limited time and money.

To make the issue more difficult, there are many more marketing options than there were just a few years ago. In this case, “many more” means an order of magnitude more. Yes, choice is good, but too much choice can just lead to indecision and inaction. The dreaded “paralysis by analysis” syndrome is harmful because the more time that passes before a law firm makes a commitment to strategic marketing, the more difficult it will be to catch up with – let alone, surpass – one’s competitors in the legal marketplace.

NCG’s Phil Nugent Speaks on “Lawyers, Ethics and Social Media” at CLE International’s 18th Ethics Conference

There are many critical – and often misunderstood – ethical considerations relating to attorneys and their use of social media.

Lawyers throughout the country continue to provide us with many examples of how not to act on social media. Their stories, disciplinary hearings, and resulting news coverage are a strong reminder that what gets posted on the Web in an impulsive act can have significant and long-lasting ramifications in the real-world.

On December 9, 2013, Phil Nugent, J.D., M.B.A., managing director of NCG Strategic Marketing, presented “Lawyers, Ethics and Social Media: Sense and Sensibility for 21st Century Attorneys” at CLE International‘s 18th Annual Ethics Conference in Denver.

Phil Nugent to Speak to Legal Marketing Association on “LinkedIn for Lawyers: Why Attorneys Should Embrace LinkedIn and How They Can Leverage it as a Business Development Tool”

From Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest, the wide range of popular social media platforms vying for your attention can be either endlessly enticing or ultimately paralyzing. Each of these has varying levels of value to lawyers and law firms, but LinkedIn stands alone as the one social networking platform that every attorney should embrace.

The ABA reports that 95% of its members are on the platform, but there are many lawyers who will tell you that their LinkedIn account has done nothing for them. That’s because just having an account on LinkedIn is not sufficient for success.

On Tuesday, July 9, Phil Nugent will discuss this topic at the monthly lunch meeting of the Legal Marketing Association in Denver, Colorado. His talk will focus on the fact that LinkedIn is the largest and most information-rich database of businesspeople and professionals available anywhere, why it’s the perfect social networking platform for lawyers, and why every attorney should not just be “on” LinkedIn, but should be using it on a regular basis as a business networking tool.

NCG’s Phil Nugent to Moderate LMA Panel Presentation on Branding, Rebranding & Repositioning Law Firms

On Tuesday July 10, 2012, NCG Strategic Marketing’s Phil Nugent will moderate a panel presentation on best practices for branding, rebranding and repositioning law firms. The presentation is hosted by the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Legal Marketing Association in Denver, Colorado.

Entitled “Creating, Changing, and Gaining Acceptance for Your Brand,” the presentation features three panelists – all in-house branding experts – who will share their experience in creating a new law firm brand or repositioning an existing law firm brand. In some cases, these efforts have been driven by a law firm merger or firm expansion, and in other cases, the rebranding was simply a marketplace imperative. The panelists also will share strategies for helping attorneys become better brand ambassadors.

The panelists are David McCann, Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications, Snell & Wilmer LLP; Heather Nanstiel, Senior Designer, Holland & Hart LLP; and Koree Khongphand-Buckman, Marketing Director for the Western Region, Hogan Lovells.

The luncheon presentation will begin at 11:30 a.m. at Fogo de Chao in downtown Denver. For more details, please visit

Phil Nugent a Featured Speaker at “Best Practices for Websites and Video Marketing” on June 14

On Thursday, June 14, 2012, Phil Nugent of NCG Strategic Marketing, Martha Cusick Eddy of Market Advisory Partners and Mark Walker of Rocky Mountain Audio/Video Productions will be giving a presentation entitled, “New Models for Marketing: Best Practices for Websites and Video Marketing.”

The presentation will be from 5:30 to 7:00 pm at the downtown Denver offices of Otten Johnson. The presentation is free and open to the public. Those interested in attending are invited to come early to join the speakers and other attendees for wine and appetizers from 5:00 to 5:30.

In this session, the audience will learn how high-growth companies are using smart online strategies – including video – to generate leads and increase revenues.

This is the second of a series of four presentations being offered by Nugent, Cusick Eddy and Walker throughout 2012. The four presentations are covering, in order, Marketing Strategy, Best Practices for Websites, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media, and each of the sessions will feature a segment focused on how video can help achieve a company’s goals. In the session on June 14, audience members will hear:

  • How smart companies integrate the latest online marketing trends with traditional marketing techniques
  • How businesses can avoid the most common website mistakes and can instead convert more of their online visitors into customers
  • How businesses can use industry-leading best practices for video to boost their brand and get more online engagement

Otten Johnson is located at Suite 1600, 950 Seventeenth Street, Denver, Colorado. Space is limited, so those interested in attending are requested to RSVP by calling 303-641-7001 or emailing