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How to Survive Mobilegeddon - Thanks to

Are You Mobile-Friendly? Responsive Websites and Search Engine Optimization: 40 Days After Mobilegeddon, the Takeaways From Google’s Latest & Greatest Algorithm Update

It’s been a little more than a month since the Google search algorithm update nicknamed “Mobilegeddon” was rolled out to a fearful world. In many ways, this event was similar to an apocalyptic Hollywood blockbuster, except that in this case, instead of everyone looking anxiously up at the sky, all Google watchers were intently focused on their mobile phones. And as we did so, we held our collective breath, waiting to see just how much destruction was rendered to non-mobile-friendly websites by Google’s update.

What’s a Mobilegeddon?

If you’re asking yourself, “What’s a Mobilegeddon?” it was the latest of Google’s most significant search engine algorithm updates. This one promised to dramatically shake up the rankings. In a nutshell, it would reward mobile-friendly websites by pulling them up in the search results on a mobile device – and in so doing, punish those websites that had not become mobile friendly by pushing them down in the rankings.

Why would this matter to anyone who doesn’t spend all their time figuring out the latest changes in SEO (search engine optimization)? Because anyone – or any business – that has a website should always be paying attention (or paying someone to pay attention) to what’s going on that might change the search results. Does your business’ website tend to rank well when relevant keywords are searched on? If so, good – but you want to be sure that you can keep it there. And if your site does not rank well, perhaps you can take advantage of the ever-changing algorithm to make it rank higher.