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Yet Another Survey Indicating That Lawyers Are Held in Low Esteem Provides You With an Excellent Marketing and Public Relations Opportunity

A few weeks ago, the Pew Research Center released the results of yet another survey evaluating the reputation of lawyers in the world at large. Unfortunately — and perhaps not surprisingly — it’s more bad news for members of the legal profession.

In fact, the survey, which asked how significantly each of ten occupations contributed to the well being of society, found that lawyers came in last place, right after business executives. Just 18% of respondents indicated that attorneys contribute “a lot” to society’s well being.

Interestingly, looking back to 2009, the last time this survey was taken, lawyers had been up a notch, in ninth place, but they flipped places with business executives this year. Perhaps this is an indication that the Great Recession has faded into history and business executives are on the rebound? Whatever the reason, lawyers slipped a spot just in the last four years.

Phil Nugent to Speak to Legal Marketing Association on “LinkedIn for Lawyers: Why Attorneys Should Embrace LinkedIn and How They Can Leverage it as a Business Development Tool”

From Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest, the wide range of popular social media platforms vying for your attention can be either endlessly enticing or ultimately paralyzing. Each of these has varying levels of value to lawyers and law firms, but LinkedIn stands alone as the one social networking platform that every attorney should embrace.

The ABA reports that 95% of its members are on the platform, but there are many lawyers who will tell you that their LinkedIn account has done nothing for them. That’s because just having an account on LinkedIn is not sufficient for success.

On Tuesday, July 9, Phil Nugent will discuss this topic at the monthly lunch meeting of the Legal Marketing Association in Denver, Colorado. His talk will focus on the fact that LinkedIn is the largest and most information-rich database of businesspeople and professionals available anywhere, why it’s the perfect social networking platform for lawyers, and why every attorney should not just be “on” LinkedIn, but should be using it on a regular basis as a business networking tool.